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"It is important to foster individuality, for only the individual can produce the new ideas."~ Albert Einstein

Certified IFS Practitioner

Daily Parts Meditation Practice is a set of six tools. The DPMP Meditation is one of the tools. 

Coming Soon:

By popular request, a set of five DPMP Meditations* that you may download to use either for your daily practice with your parts or as a template for your own customized practice.  Stay tuned...

* This is not an audio download of the book, rather a set of five specific DPMP Meditations.

DPMP Meditation Audio Download

Michelle Glass   Alternative Counselor and Life Coach

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Meditation Audio Download

Coming Soon 

"Nature uses only the longest threads to weave her patterns, so that each small piece of her fabric reveals the organization of the entire tapestry." ~ Richard P. Feynman