"With this book, you can trust both the message and the messenger implicitly. In IFS, we hold true the message: 'all parts are welcome,' but sometimes we accidentally neglect parts after unburdening. The Daily Parts Meditation Practice will go a long way to prevent that from happening, while also strengthening the parts' gifts uncovered along the way. With these practices, transformation is a journey, not a destination. It is deeply honoring and so clearly presented. To experience the wisdom of this book is to experience the dedication and generosity of Michelle Glass and all her parts. Her commitment to her own life and, therefore her healing, has led to incredibly powerful transformations that she offers here in an abundance of creative examples."

—Mariel Pastor, LMFT,

IFS Lead Trainer, Creator of Character Mapping

“Daily Parts Meditation Practice provides inspiration and tools for those interested in an IFS practice for working with their inner life. Through her own deep and thorough practice, Michelle offers clear and engaging examples of how we can apply this work to our own lives. I can’t imagine a better person to guide us on this journey than Michelle Glass.”

—Paul Ginter, Licensed Psychologist,
IFS Lead Trainer

"I'm so very glad to have participated in your workshop as what I learned then and from your book are doing wonders for building further trust with and providing support to my parts on a daily basis."

—Shoko Tomita, participant, Melbourne, Australia

“Michelle dives right into the deep end in her artistic, soulful and poetic exploration of the inner world. Using her personal journey as well as a fictional case study, Michelle offers clear, hands-on templates for identifying each part's unique story and for building strong, loving internal connections. If you want to deepen your own IFS or meditation practice, or just further expand your inner journey, this book offers a compassionate, creative and inspiring invitation.”

—Cece Sykes, LCSW,
Psychotherapist and Senior IFS Trainer

“I originally purchased this book to enrich my own personal journey, and have since introduced the DPMP to my own clients. DPMP is now an integral part of my trauma informed PHP, helping so many in developing and maintaining relationships with their own parts!"

—Clare Brown, LPC, LCAT, LFYP,

Director of SolStone: Upstate New York Eating Disorder Service, Elmira, NY


 “Michelle’s book offers clear, helpful guidance for how to use IFS as a daily psycho-spiritual practice. She provides several tools and pathways for people to choose from and she shares her own inspiring journey of self-exploration and healing. Her manual will empower you to do this work on your own or help you get the most out of your work with a therapist. And, therapists can benefit as much as clients.”

—Paul Neustadt, MSS,
IFS Co-Lead Trainer


"Michelle is a kind, respectful and humble presenter. It was a privilege to be taught and guided by her over the course of two days. It has benefitted me both personally and professionally."

—Gail Kenny, Psychologist in Brisbane, Australia 

“This manual provides a unique opportunity for everyone—clients and therapists, to bring greater healing with hope and confidence. Michelle Glass uses her own journey to illustrate a process that is clear and easily adaptable to the specific needs of each person. She brings great care and detail to help create maximum benefit for people who want to be more in alignment. It will bring great value for those who want to read her story and follow her process; and will also be very useful as a resource where people can pick and choose her ideas or use them to help support creating their own.”

—Rina Dubin, Licensed Psychologist,
IFS Co-Lead Trainer


“Michelle Glass' DPMP is a deeply respectful way of getting to know the parts of one's internal system that moves beyond cursory awareness to the development of deep and evolving relationships with and between one's parts. Her approach provides a roadmap for establishing a daily practice that makes sure no part is forgotten or overlooked.”

—Jeanne Catanzaro, Ph.D.,
Licensed Clinical Psychologist and Certified IFS Therapist

“Michelle has created a wonderful resource for the IFS community with her book, Daily Parts Meditation Practice. She offers clear, creative ways to identify, get to know, unblend from, stay connected with and integrate our parts and the system with which they live. The sharing of her personal journey is yet another example of the benefits of Self-connection and the healing power of IFS. Bravo!”

—Frank Anderson, M.D.,
IFS Lead Trainer

“Creating the chain of my parts was helpful, as my husband could see all the parts of my life.”

—Cathy, participant, New York

As a Senior Lead Trainer in the Internal Family Systems model of psychotherapy, I highly recommend Michelle Glass’ book, Daily Parts Meditation and Practice. I am frequently asked how to develop the internal system and have more Self-energy. IFS is a model where when parts relax from being in more extreme roles and they embody their essential qualities and function within the system, “Self-energy” like compassion, curiously, calmness, and courage naturally emerges as a more central felt state. 

Michelle’s book is an excellent companion for this process. She outlines what she found as crucial in her own journey of healing and provides tools that are instinctual, practical, and helpful. I find her writing to be accurate and in alinement with the essential primacies of the Model. 

The book can also be a valuable asset for therapists using the model for themselves as well as their clients. The skill of mapping is extremely valuable for both therapist and client. Michelle does and excellent job both in describing and illustrating this process. The description and examples of different systems can be helpful identifying various parts and recording how they interface with one another.  

The title of the book represents the importance of a daily practice and is more than a workbook, with outlined daily tasks to be completed. Chapter seven beautifully describes how to establish a daily meditation which I have come to believe is essential for healing and changing life long survival patterns.

— Chris Burris, LPC and LMFT,
IFS Senior Lead Trainer

"It was a pleasure to have had the opportunity to hear and participate in your enlightening IFS workshop at SolStone. It was a privilege to have had your insight and wisdom on this topic during my journey. I'm looking forward to implementing this approach into my healing journey and finding my 'true Self'."

— Dominica B, Elmira, NY

“Michelle Glass has written a compelling book for anyone who has wondered how to keep track of their parts or who has felt overwhelmed by the process of learning about them. She offers a conversation about and choices within a Daily Parts Meditation Practice, which have both a structure and guidance for alternatives in the personal creative process for each person. This is a lovely addition to the IFS field.” 

—Joanne Gaffney, RN, LICSW,
Certified IFS Therapist

"As I travel around the world teaching IFS, I hear frequently from IFS clients who have been using the DPMP and loving it. I also hear from IFS therapists that they not only are having good results when their clients use it, but that they are finding it helpful for their own parts work. This second edition offers all that and more!

This book and process will deeply enhance your journey toward being Self-led."

—Richard C. Schwartz, Ph.D.

Developer of IFS​​

Worldwide / Eugene, Oregon 97405 US

Certified IFS Practitioner

​"In this creative volume, Michelle Glass teaches a method of deeply integrating the seemingly disharmonious voices within, by firmly establishing secure relationships between Self and hitherto isolated and fragmented parts."

—Gabor Maté M.D.
Author, In the Realm of Hungry Ghosts: Close Encounters with Addiction

Michelle Glass   Alternative Counselor and Life Coach

the Listener, LLC

Praise for DPMP