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"It is not uncommon for people to spend their whole life waiting to start living." ~ Eckhart Tolle

Michelle Glass  Alternative Counselor and Life Coach

"Michelle brought a warmth and compassion to our work that set all of me at ease from the outset – I felt welcomed.  She skillfully helped me to open a gentle conversation with concealed parts of me, to hear their story, to begin their healing.  I have worked with a number of IFS practitioners, and some have the intuitive feel of the art of IFS, and some do not.  Michelle has this."  ~ Steve R., Miami, FL

"I highly recommend Michelle's work based on my own experience of her deep capacity to listen and support her client's needs and motivations.  I would add that Michelle has experience with people who are going through their own "spiritual crises and awakenings" by reclaiming their childhood ordeals."  ~ Roberto Ziemer, São Paulo, Brazil 

"Michelle has a compassionate and calm presence that creates safety and an atmosphere for deep healing. Her attunement and tracking are remarkable. Michelle is a highly skilled IFS practitioner and I have great confidence in recommending her." ~ Marilyn Hunt, MS, LMFT, IFS Program Assistant, Lafayette, CA 

"From my first meeting Michelle a few months ago, she has been one of the most inspiring, connected people I have met in my life. She has a presence and receptive quality that few are gifted with." ~ Clare M Brown, LPC, LCAT, LFYP, Elmira, NY

Certified IFS Practitioner

"Where something becomes extremely difficult and unbearable, there we also stand already quite near its transformation." ~ Rainer Maria Rilke

"While the importance of this between-session work became increasingly clear, I lacked tools to give clients to help them organize this process or inspire their creativity in it. Enter Michelle Glass. Of almost all the people I knew, she had the most experience. As I travel around the world teaching IFS, I hear frequently from IFS clients who have been using the DPMP and loving it. I also hear from IFS therapists that they not only are having good results when their clients use it, but that they are finding it helpful for their own parts work. Either way, this book and process will deeply enhance your journey toward being Self-led." ~ Richard Schwartz, PhD, Boston, MA


"We are all very fortunate to have Michelle bringing her unique range of skills to this deep work. She brings a quiet wisdom that comes from her own journey of healing. Her openness and receptivity combine with a keen ability to be present for the other that invites much safety and acceptance. Her integrity is consistent in every step." ~ Rina Dubin, Ed.D, IFS Assistant Trainer, Boston, MA

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